I am sure many of you woke up a bit dusty after another sensational, over the top wrap party, or because of the information overload we took away from Xerocon 2018!

It was my 2nd year attending Xerocon and Xero’s mantra each year seems to be go big or go home! Who comes up with the idea to create a massive pool and fill it with plastic balls for people to sit in?

Networking aside, what did I takeaway from this conference? Apps…lots and lots of Apps… With 85 exhibitors there was a lot to take in. What I have learnt from previous years is to:
1. Wear comfy shoes and;
2. Go in with a plan, what do you want to achieve and take away from the conference? Which exhibitors do you want to speak to?

My plan was to connect and build relationships with the app partners and leave with a better understanding of how I can improve our service offering to our clients.

Xerocon Key Takeaways

For me the key takeaways revolved around the the rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and we now have the technology that can basically do all the heavy lifting for us. So what does this mean for me and our business? What is the bookkeeping industry going to look like in 5-10 years time?

It became apparent that it’s now more important than ever to give clients the human side of the business. Being on a personal level with your clients – be the extra 1% and a big part of this will be the introduction of App advisory to help take our clients to the next level. Our CTO, Angela Poole has done a blog on Xero Apps and what it means for us and our clients.

New Features

Xero has been busy working away on a number of new features to be released in the very near future. Some of those features include:

  • Hubdoc – Xero has acquired Hubdoc and will integrate this with the Xero software. This is a huge game changer for our work processes and also a number of our clients
  • New Invoicing – Giving the users the ability to create customers on the fly direct from the invoice, previewing the invoice without printing to PDF are both new features that will help with efficiency and make it easier for clients to add new customers
  • Mobile features – to include invoicing on the go and dashboard view access means that customers have more visibility and control over there accounts
  • Payments from Xero – NAB Business Accounts can now make payments direct from Xero without the need to log into online banking providing NAB clients with an added advantage over those who bank elsewhere
  • Email to bills – emailing supplier invoices direct to draft bills
  • Direct integration with Reece and Caltex to draft bills
  • Automated bank rule reconciliation – Transactions with bank rules assigned will no longer show in the reconciliation screen to be reconciled therefore reducing the time spent on reconciliation
  • Uncoded transaction report – You will soon be able to send the uncoded transaction report straight from Xero without having to export to PDF or CSV
    Employee bulk upload to payroll

Overall Xerocon again showed us the future direction of the industry and was another amazing experience. To be a part of such a large like minded forward thinking community in itself provided a great opportunity to catch up with our partners and friends to swap notes and ideas to enable us all to improve the service offering we provide to our partners and clients.

For me, it provided the insight into the new features released and coming as well as highlighting the growing role of the App eco-system in improving our clients processes, systems and general business performance. There is certainly plenty to take on board and introduce to both our business and our clients as well.

We’re looking forward to an exciting future as we help transition our clients to the advantages and benefits of the Xero App Ecosystem and not to mention Xerocon 2019!!!

See you there next year!