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ATO shakes up businesses with Single Touch Payroll

At the recent Xero Roadshow, Trent Innes (Managing Director of Xero) kicked off his session with “Single Touch Payroll is set to be the biggest change to Australian businesses since GST“. This change has already been rolled out to the larger organisations as of last financial year. However there are small businesses, many of which…

Zerobooks Marketing Strategy

MC from Practice Paradox talks to CEO, Greg Tuckwell about Zerobooks’ marketing strategy and how the firm is growing rapidly despite him only setting foot twice in the office in the past 8 months. We discuss our business model, core competencies and value proposition as well as our focus on automation and process improvement.

4 Ways Bookkeeping improves Accountants Productivity

While Accountants attract clients with their knowledge and expertise, what they’re actually selling is their time. Whether they’re charging a fixed fee or an hourly rate, their service model is based on the time it takes to do a given task. So obviously their ability to perform these tasks efficiently is a vital part of…

Scaling your Firm

Wayne Schmidt talks to Mel Power from Power Finance and Joe Walsh from JWA Accountants and discuss how they’ve scaled their bookkeeping and accounting businesses. It’s a wide ranging discussion, which includes how ZeroBooks.com has allowed them both to scale without increasing head count.

How Zerobooks helps accountants cross ‘The Value-Add Chasm’

We all have our favourite presenters, and I was excited to see one of mine presenting again at Xerocon. I’ve seen Michael ‘MC’ Carter of Practice Paradox at several conferences now, and was keen to hear what he had to say this time. His concepts of the “conveyor belt” and the “gradient of the decision…