We all have our favourite presenters, and I was excited to see one of mine presenting again at Xerocon. I’ve seen Michael ‘MC’ Carter of Practice Paradox at several conferences now, and was keen to hear what he had to say this time.

His concepts of the “conveyor belt” and the “gradient of the decision process” form part of our marketing strategy. And the “inch wide, mile deep” philosophy of Hermann Simon that MC shares is the cornerstone of the Zerobooks.com model.

MC talked about how a lot of accounting firms want to provide value-add services to their clients, but never manage to cross what he terms “The Value-Add Chasm”. In fact, benchmarking surveys by organisations including Business Fitness show nine out of ten accountants want to provide these non-compliance advisory services, but only one in nine actually manage to achieve it.

Unfortunately, it’s a common problem in the accounting industry. Everyone talks about this utopia, but few actually achieve it.

The question is, why not? After all, many surveys say clients want the advice, and the accountants certainly want to deliver it.

The answer is simple: time.

Most accountants simply don’t have the time or the resources to formulate and deliver these services because they’re too busy dealing with clients’ compliance needs and sorting out their books.

If time is the problem, what is the solution? 

So how can accountants change the way they operate so they have more time to and deliver the value-added services their clients want?

Well, here’s a thought. What if your clients’ books were delivered in a consistent, professional format? What if your workpapers were already populated, ready for you to review, prepare your advice and meet with the client? How much time would that save in your practice—time you could spend marketing your practice or increasing your services to your clients?

Welcome to the Zerobooks model.

We specifically set up Zerobooks to offer an online processing platform based on the Xero platform.

Our “inch wide, mile deep” service model focuses on processing clients’ books on the Xero platform, and then populating and providing electronic workpapers so accountants can prepare compliance reports and business advisory services.

We can provide this service as either:

  • a bookkeeping service to clients who have adopted Xero as their accounting system, or
  • an outsourced service to populate Xero ledgers for those clients not on Xero whose accounting firms have adopted the Xero Practice manager platform.

With Zerobooks you get :

  • cost-effective bookkeeping services for clients from degree-qualified, Xero-certified staff
  • specialised Xero services, support and advice
  • a data processing service to prepare Xero ledgers and workpapers
  • support and advice on Xero add-on partners to help clients make the most of the cloud
  • ways to reduce the time spent on basic data entry so you can focus on value-adding services that will increase their average hourly rate and ROI.

To find out more about how Zerobooks can help you cross The Value-Add Chasm, check out the partners page on our website.

To hear more about how we can remove data entry from your office then check out the recent webinar we did with Wayne Schmidt of Addon Success at http://vimeo.com/114200240

And take the first steps towards achieving your utopia.