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What is Zerobooks.com?

Zerobooks.com is an outsourcing service designed to provide accounting & bookkeeping firms a cost-effective, time-efficient solution to reduce the burden of data entry, bookkeeping, chasing debtors, and monthly management reports as well as transition the firm to Xero.

How does it work?

The core Zerobooks.com service is delivered using the Xero platform together with several service partners. Xero is recognised as the leader in cloud-based accounting software and forms the lynchpin of a customised business computing package with their associated apps.

By using a cloud-based program we are able to access your information in real-time without requiring a desk in your office or waiting for a copy of backup files. We can help your firm transition to Xero or take the hassle out of data entry by doing your client bookkeeping.

Does Zerobooks do tax returns?

No. Zerobooks is a specialist service provider and does not offer tax or business consulting advice outside the cloud-based services we offer. Instead we work closely with our accounting partners.

Why should I use Zerobooks instead of a traditional bookkeeper?

Reasons to use ZeroBooks.com include:

  • All Zerobooks.com bookkeepers are Xero Accredited. This means you’re not paying another bookkeeper to learn how to use Xero. We hit the ground running, saving you time and money.
  • Our online service is designed to minimise disruption to your business:
    1. We access your file and perform our services off-site saving disruption to your operations or staff
    2. There is no need to supply a desk and computer to our staff within your office
    3. There is no need to provide backups for us to review or work on your files
  • We have extensive knowledge of the Xero Add On Partners enabling us to provide advice and recommendations on applications which can help your business develop a very efficient and highly automated system of connected apps to drive your business
  • We supply a fixed fee quote up front so you know exactly what it will cost you
  • Our fees are paid in equal monthly instalments to help you manage your cashflow
  • Zerobooks.com is not reliant on one or two people. We have a depth of staff including CPA qualified accountants so if your file manager is sick or on leave we have the backup to service your needs
  • By using Zerobooks.com and our preferred software, Xero, all your software will be automatically updated every time there is a new software release for no extra cost.

What if I don't already have Xero?

Thats no problem. As part of our proposal we can offer a fixed fee proposal to set up your Xero file to suit your business needs and provide training to get you started.

Does Zerobooks work with other accounting packages?

No, Zerobooks only utilises Xero as the platform for its services. We took this decision after consideration of the various offerings in the marketplace and the flexibility to customise a package for our clients utilising the eco-system of our core service and specialist program partners.

How secure is my data?

When undertaking our due diligence to select a cloud-based accounting program this was one of our critical selection criteria. Xero has several data storage facilities around the world and are required to undergo the same security reviews as the banks. This means that your data is backed up at several locations and has similar security standards as your internet banking.

Who are the owners of Zerobooks?

ZeroBooks.com was established and by a group of qualified accountants who recognised the need for a cost-effective solution to help small businesses better manage their finances, cashflow and subsequently, their business.

We also recognised the need for accounting firms to be supported by a cost-efficient and professional bookkeeping system that they can feel confident in recommending to their clients, and which enables them to focus on providing tax and business advice, rather than spend frustrating time ‘getting the client’s books in order’.

This group has a combined experience of over 100 years working in and owning public accounting practices including the Xero 2013 Australian Accounting Partner of the Year.

How do I ask questions?

Our client support is easily accessible for you:

  • 1300 926 657  allows you to telephone us for the cost of a local call
  • Emails to our support team are prioritised over all other emails
  • We have Skype for those that want face to face discussions

We log onto your file live and talk you through the issue to resolve your queries immediately wherever possible.

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