Okay, so your accounting or bookkeeping firm is relatively small. But that doesn’t mean you can’t use outsourcing to help scale and grow your business, right?

Unfortunately, all the outsourcing options you’ve looked at so far involve taking on a full-time staff member.

All you really need is a part-timer to perform some tasks as they crop up.

One option might be to start looking for a freelancer. There are certainly plenty of those around. But most freelancers come “as is”, without anyone behind the scenes to support and train them. So before you can even think of putting them to work you’ll need to train them on how your business operates and whatever it is you want them to do.

Now don’t get me wrong—there are good operators out there. But finding them among all the possible candidates can be like looking for a needle in the proverbial haystack.

What you need are options that sit somewhere between these two extremes. And that’s exactly what the Zerobooks model provides.

What we can offer

We have a range of flexible options that will not only meet your current business needs, but also adapt to your business as it grows.

Our four engagement models have been specifically designed to cater for accounting firms of all sizes. Which one would work best for yours?

    1. The ‘single-client, fixed-price’ model

      With this model, partners can get a fixed-fee bookkeeping package through our online partner portal. They simply answer a series of questions about their client’s size and requirements, and a fixed-fee proposal is generated on the spot. They can then discuss the proposal with their client, and accept any or all of the included services.

      This package is great for smaller partners who want to offer bookkeeping services to their larger clients but don’t have the volume to justify any other engagement model.

    2. The ‘contracted group of clients’ model

      This model works for firms that have traditionally worked with multiple clients to prepare financials and BAS/tax returns from source data (e.g. coding from bank statements). By reviewing the clients together, Zerobooks will provide a fixed monthly price to regularly prepare clients’ books to trial balance stage. And we’re talking discounted ‘wholesale’ rates here—not single client ‘rack’ rates. By focusing on getting the data correct and delivered in real time, our partners can give their clients the business, tax and corporate advice they want while still making a margin on the processing tasks.

      Under this model, the partner has direct access to a staff member who is dedicated to these contracted clients. They can also spend a dedicated number of hours with a senior team leader each month to work on file reviews and quality control. It’s like having a part-time staff member, but with the full support and structure in place behind them in case they become ill or need to take leave. And all for a fixed monthly fee.

    3. The ‘contracted minimum monthly hours’ model

      This is similar to the previous model, except the partner contracts for a minimum number of hours each month. It gives them the flexibility to have a dedicated staff member available to work on any file for any length of time. The staff member isn’t restricted to working for a given client, allowing the partner to use the staff member for any task that arises from any client.

      They can even increase these hours as they grow, or to meet any fluctuating demand during the year (e.g. for BAS/VAT lodgements).

      These hours are charged at a discounted “wholesale” rate based on the contracted minimum hours each month. Any ‘unders’ or ‘overs’ are then billed or credited each month to the partner’s account (subject to the agreed minimum amount).

    4. The ‘contracted full-time staff’ model

      This model lets partners engage a full-time staff member without having to train them or manage them day to day. Zerobooks staff become part of your team but remain dedicated to our specific partner, who has direct access and management control of that staff member.

      Our team leaders and other staff members are there to monitor, train, mentor and help them become an integral part of your team. They’ll have the necessary skills and knowledge to use the Zerobooks IP and technology that helps create efficiencies within your operation.

      We can also provide a file QA/review service to help monitor the quality of your team member and reduce the time and costs associated with managing an offshore team. And of course, we’ll be there to help during increased workloads or specific assignments such as BAS times, Rescue assignments, Xero setups or add-on integrations to help even out the workflows for your team.

Interested in seeing what we do for accountants and bookkeepers, and how the Zerobooks model can help you provide your clients with Real Advice in Real Time with Real Data? Then why not book a demonstration?