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We can help migrate your firms’ existing internal practice suite onto the Xero platform. By helping with your ledger migration, we can minimise disruption to your staff and you business workflow.

How It Works


Zerobooks works in the background for you, freeing your team from addressing your clients bookkeeping inadequacies. Allowing you to focus on providing your clients with real advice in real time with real data.

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ATO shakes up businesses with Single Touch Payroll

At the recent Xero Roadshow, Trent Innes (Managing Director of Xero) kicked off his session with “Single Touch Payroll is set to be the biggest change to Australian businesses since GST“. This change has already been rolled out to the larger organisations as of last financial year. However there are small businesses, many of which…

The Times They Are a-Changing

In 1964 Bob Dylan released the song “The Times They Are a-changing” but I wonder if he ever gave thought to the speed to which some of these changes would occur or the fact that nothing is immune to change.

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Why Us?

Looking After You

The Zerobooks model revolves around you, the accountant/bookkeeper, as the hero in advising your clients. We work in the background, improving your efficiency, freeing up capacity so that you focus on the activities you went into practice for – to help your clients grow their business and their wealth with real advice in real time with real data

Specialist Services

Our service offering is focused on the data processing, leaving the technical advisory services to our partners.

Only Xero

As our services are based around easy to use and easily accessible data, it is only natural that we choose the most easy to use cloud-based accounting platform – XERO. Xero is recognised as the leader in cloud-based accounting software and forms the lynchpin of a customised business computing package with their associated apps.


The staff on our Zerobooks team are degree qualified as well as Xero certified. This means you’re not paying another bookkeeper to learn how to use Xero. We hit the ground running, saving you time and money.

Platinum Partner
Xero's No.1 Australian Bookkeeper

Accounting Partner Love

What They're Saying...

Zerobooks took all the hard work out of customising my Xero Report Templates. My reports now look exactly the way I wanted them to look – Im really pleased with the outcome
Paul Nay - PMCN Consulting, Caloundra
Paul Nay
We wanted something a bit unique in our Xero Report Templates – professional and compliant, but something our clients would really understand. Zerobooks helped us achieve that in a really efficient manner.
Daniel Chiha - Kelly + Partners (Northern Beaches)
Daniel Chiha
Zerobooks really appreciate the issues of public practitioners
N.G - Melbourne, AU
Thanks to the team on your hard work, our client is no longer a dreaded customer, now I can focus on other activities that I enjoy more and offering them a better experience Wouldn’t have done it without you guys!
AS - Toronto, Canada
We’ve tried offering bookkeeping services ourselves, in-house. It’s too hard and too expensive. And we’ve tried referring the work on to various bookkeepers. That didn’t work either. Too fragmented and not consistent enough, in terms of what we receive from each bookkeeper. But we know that our clients need accurate, professional, up-to-date bookkeeping done for them. They don’t do it properly themselves. And without accurate, up-to-date bookkeeping and accounting data we can’t provide the timely management advice we want to, as business advisors.
Joe Walsh - Director, JWA Accountants
Joe Walsh
We were becoming increasingly frustrated in not being able to deliver value to our clients, whose books are not up to date, or providing their bookkeeping work for them. With Greg and Zerobooks we have been able to provide our clients a streamlined and quick service which allows the business owners more time to work on their business (not in the bookkeeping) and us to provide high level services. And by having up to date books, we can provide our clients with a range of value added services.
Michael Grogan - Ambrosiussen, Toowoomba
Michael Grogan

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